Book review : Meaningful -the story of ideas that fly

Chronicle and summary of “Meaningful”:

Part 1: Offer your customers an incredible experience


Part 2: Build a strong, transparent relationship with your customers

Relationship of trust

Part 3: Take care of your relationship with your customers, especially in the internet age

Place appropriate mechanisms at their disposal, such as:

  • The opportunity to subscribe to your products and services.
  • Regular, quality updates.
  • An efficient after-sales service.

Part 4: The story strategy blueprint

The author offers a few simple tips to improve the lives of your customers:

  • Save yours users’ time so that they can focus on their objectives. In our stressed-out societies, everyone aspires to cultivate their passions and live in a more peaceful manner.
  • Restrict friction. We are all looking for more comfort and freedom. So try to make the lives of your users as practical and as efficient as possible.
  • Have a global vision. Many entrepreneurs confine themselves to talking about the characteristics of their product, which is not much of a selling point. You need to learn how to speak to your customers’ hearts. Be sure to share your values, your opinions. You are unique. Be proud of it!

Some new expectations that are increasingly significant:

  • A growing need for personalisation.
  • Widespread democratisation of Internet use, including for shopping, and the shift in traffic towards smartphones instead of computers.
  • More and more demand for human contact and guidance, in parallel with digitisation and a more individualistic society.

Part 5: Invent pragmatic solutions

Ask yourself what value you want to offer your customers and the experience that you would like them to have:

  • What are the principal features of your product?
  • What user experience do you want to offer?
  • How can you make your customers’ lives easier?
  • What emotions will your product awaken in the people using it?

Part 6: Offer a meaningful experience

Tailor-made and customised products

Book critique of “Meaningful”

  • A number of relevant case studies.
  • Excellent knowledge of marketing.
  • Advice that is particularly useful for any kind of entrepreneur.
  • Quite accessible.
  • Abstract ideas.
  • Sometime long and repetitive.



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